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Music + Concrete Discs

Concrete Discs was formed in the early 1980's by the Calgary punk slash whatever-we-felt-like-playing band the Rip Chords. After we disbanded the label floated in the ether until I reclaimed the name to use as a freindly reminder of the past and as a cover for many projects since.

I live and work in Calgary, but travel about as the drummer for Kris Demeanor & His Crack Band, and on occasion The Whip It Out Ensemble (Calgary’s Zappa Ensemble), and then sometimes with friends Kim Barlow, Carolyn Mark, Anne Loree, Alejandro Escovedo, Lester Quitzau, and very early on (think mid ‘70s to mid '80s) Eugene Chadbourne, Rip Chords, The Bill Smith Trio, CCMC, and one wild-whack day playing with Gil Scott-Heron; that’s the musical front. 

On the theatre front here's some stuff from the not too distant past - One Yellow RabbitDream Machine, Mata Hari,  generic theatre’s DeadRats trilogy; DeadRats in Garargeland, DeadRats On Arrival, DeadRats In Hell, and Catalyst Theatre’s Hunchback. Those were all live playing gigs.