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Sound Design

Apart from my semi-normal life as a graphic artist and musician I have been a theatre sound designer and composer for more than 25 years. In that time it has been my good fortune to collaborate with many widely diverse theatre practitioners in Calgary and throughout Canada; Theatre Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects, One Yellow Rabbit, Vertigo Theatre, Ground Zero Theatre, Quest Theatre, Downstage, Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Theatre Junction, Citadel Theatre, Workshop West, MTP, Prairie Theatre Exchange and more. In that time I have received a number of nominations and awards: Theatre Junction’s Boy Gets GirlGhost River Theatre's Mesa and The Old Trout Puppet Workshop’s Beowulf, Alberta Theatre Projects Butcher (in collaboration with Morag Northey) all receiving Calgary’s Betty Mitchell Award. A couple of Edmonton's Elizabeth Sterling Awards went to designs I created for Running with Scissors' Mom Dad I’m Living With A White Girl and Workshop West's Mesa (in collaboration with Edmonton’s Dave Clarke.)