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A Brief History of Peter Moller & Egg Press Co.


In 1958, at the age of 3, I moved with my family from Denmark to Calgary. Not long after we settled, my father opened a sign and silk-screen shop named City Signs. Thus began my fascination with all things printed.

In 1974, after almost graduating from the Alberta College of Art, I got sidetracked when my brother and I decided to try and learn how to run an old offset press sitting idle at the back of City Signs. At the end of that summer my brother returned to his studies but I stayed to start a print shop; Egg Press Co. More than 40 years later – and having made the jump from analog to digital in 1998 – I’m still at it. 

In the early years Egg Press supplied el-cheapo posters and other printed materials for various art, dance, theatre and music groups in the burgeoning Calgary arts scene of the late 70s and early 80s (see graphic design). Since going digital, Egg Press has incorporated sound design (see sound design).

Throughout the history of my company I have also been a working musician; from early days of improvisational experimentation at Calgary’s Parachute Centre for Cultural Affairs, through the punk heyday of the 1980s continuing on to today. (see music)